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Giraffe Workwear Business Card Tips

10 Top Tips When Buying Business Cards For Your Business

Buying business cards can be a minefield, especially when printers start asking questions you don't know the answers to. What does it all mean?

Let me share with you my 10 top tips when buying business cards...

Tip 1: Weight Matters

'GSM'; what does that even mean? It simply means how heavy the paper is. For example, 90-100gsm is the standard weight of household printer paper, and when paper gets to around 350gsm, it's considered card. Here at Giraffe, we think the perfect paper weight for business cards is 450gsm; thick enough that it feels premium, but not so thick that it's too expensive!

force contracts business cards

Tip 2: Use Both Sides!

When someone hands you a business card, what do you do? You naturally look at the front, then turn it over to look at the back. I shiver with disappointment when I flip a card over and there is NOTHING there! Why? Why, would you waste 50% of your advertising space? All of our business cards come double sided as standard. You can use the back of your card to showcase your business strap line, a few key services, or your business logo.

baker stone business cards

Tip 3: Gloss or Matt?

To laminate or not to laminate, that is the question. A glossy business card will have a shiny finish, but I tend to think of glossy card as photograph paper... Not really ideal when it comes to a business card. I personally feel glossy finishes have gone out of fashion a little in recent years, and most people choose matt-laminated cards. Ladies, do you remember in the 2000's when we all had tacky, gloss lip glosses? Today we're more likely to wear matt—see!

middleton structures business cards

Tip 4: Shape & Size

Should I change the shape of my business card or use spot UV? Changing the shape of your business card from the standard side is an additional cost, and one I'm not fond of. A lot of people keep business cards in folders, where a crazy shaped card simply won't fit. Rounded corners and spot UV are a great way to stand out, but there will always be an additional cost—it depends whether you think it's worth it! A good weighted card, with a nice laminated finish is often enough.

the energy smart group business card

Tip 5: Quantity

How many cards should I order? Business cards usually come in packs of 250, 500, 1000 and more. Often it's not much more to buy 1000, than it is to buy 500; so if you know your contacts details won't change, you could make a great saving. Be sure to check out special offers too!

lumici slate business cards

Tip 6: Make Sure You're Contactable

What information should I include on my business card? We recommend:

  • Business logo
  • Your full name
  • Job title
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website address

You must include at least two contact methods—think about why you give out your business card... So people can contact you!

emerald accountancy buisness cards

Tip 7: You're Allowed to Blow Your Own Trumpet

Should you include your job title on your business card? Is it pretentious to put 'CEO' or 'Director'... Even if there is just you? In my experience, it's useful to know a person's official title within the company. If you decide to recommend them, it's useful to know what to introduce them as!

avc mechanical business cars

Tip 8: Be Consistent!

Keep the design of the business card in keeping with your brand identity! You should use your company colours, fonts and style. This is why it's important to invest in a great design; if your business card matches your website, which matches your uniform, it looks seamless and professional.

glade business cards

Tip 9: Keep It Short & Sweet

Keep it simple. Your business card is not a leaflet. I repeat: your business card is not a leaflet! If you cram every single thing you do onto it, it just looks messy and unprofessional. A short list of your services is fine, but less is definitely more!

inspirations business cards

Tip 10: Typos Will Cost You

As with everything you have printed, check your details and then check them again! There is nothing worse than 1000 business cards with one digit wrong in your phone number! It's an expensive mistake, so check, check and check again!

peak foot health business cards

If you'd like to order business cards, you can click here.

Still unsure about buying business cards?

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